Business Automation Revolution

Business Automation Isn’t Just for Industry Giants

Every business is up against stiff competition, and must look for ways to lower costs and improve efficiency. Large businesses quickly learn to automate time-consuming tasks to stay competitive. Many small businesses overlook opportunities to automate some of their business practices because they assume that automation is only for big companies with deep pockets. That’s a shame, because today’s technology offers automation possibilities to any business.

Here’s a list of tips to introduce business automation anywhere like the pros at http://infusionsoft.automatemybiz.net.au/

Start With the Easy Stuff

Companies require many rote tasks that don’t benefit from the human touch. Mundane tasks waste time, and they’re boring. Bored workers lead to an increase in the error rate, a double whammy. If a machine can do it, it should.

Stress the Benefits of Automation

Employees can become nervous when automation is discussed, because it sounds like it could lead to a reduction in the workforce. In the modern workplace, almost all work that can be automated frees up personnel to perform higher-level tasks; it doesn’t make them obsolete. Smart managers stress the benefits of automation to their employees. Explaining that removing drudgery from the daily routine increases both the bottom line and opportunities for high-level work that leads to advancement.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

If a business tries to automate too many procedures at once, it increases the learning curve for personnel, and that can lead to demotivation instead of an increase in productivity. It’s best to find one function that presents a likely target for automation, and then concentrate on getting a demonstrable return on investment before moving on to the next opportunity. As automation is put in place, workers will notice the benefits and begin to look forward to automating additional functions.

Automate an Entire Process in Stages

It’s tempting to attack a large, inefficient set of processes all at once. The disruption that the automation process causes might exceed the benefits it can deliver. It’s better to break the process down into its component operations, and then automate each operation in turn. As more and more parts of the process are automated, the entire process will begin to disappear completely. With an incremental approach, at no time will the entire process be in danger of breaking down because of automation.

Learn From Industry Leaders

Once a business automation process takes care of the easiest operations, it can become harder to come up with automation ideas. Looking at other businesses in a related industry for automation inspiration can suggest new opportunities for additional streamlining with business automation.

EES Ducted Heat Pumps

Household Mould

Household Mould Prevention and Removal

What is Mould?

Mould is a natural fact of life. Anywhere that moisture and oxygen are present; there exists the possibility of mould growing. There are specific moulds that can grow on wood, insulation, and carpets. It is not possible to completely eliminate mould, but the key to controlling the growth and spread of mould indoors is to control moisture. Uncontrolled humidity is a potential cause of mould problems.


Moisture is the enemy where mould is concerned. Locate any leaks or areas where condensation forms wet spots, and repair the offender. It is possible to reduce moisture from condensation by increasing insulation and home ventilation. Always keep up proper maintenance on all heating, ventilation systems, and air conditioning fixtures. When you have a HRV Home ventilation clean air solution in your home they will schedule regular maintenance and make sure it is all working correctly 100% of the time.


If there are high amounts of moisture or liquid present, use a wet vacuum to remove the water from wet locations. Avoid using the wet vacuum on some porous materials like sheet rock. Non-porous surfaces should be wiped clean using water with mild detergent. After being cleaned, all non-porous surfaces should be dried immediately to arrest further growth. Porous materials may never be fully rid of mold once it has taken hold. Discard what materials can be discarded that show signs of deep infiltration of mold. It may be a pain to replace a few sheets of gypsum, but it will usually be worth it, since the infiltrated sections will act as seed locations for further spread of the problem. The final step in clean-up should be the use of a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuum. After all the materials have been thoroughly cleaned and dried, go over everything with a HEPA vacuum. It is even suggested to use the vacuum on all surfaces near the site of mould removal to catch as many spores as possible.

Personal Protection

Be aware that mould cleanup will disturb spores and dust that should not be breathed. Make sure to wear gloves and some sort of breathing protection when working in the presence of mould spores. Ideally, a person working on mold cleanup will wear gloves appropriate to the application, goggles, and even disposable outer clothing. Even if the spores in question are not toxic, they are an allergen to which exposure should be mitigated.

Economical Rubbish Removal

Tips To Save Money On Rubbish Removal

There are a bunch of different things that you can do to save quite a bit of money on your rubbish removal services.

Some of them are pretty traditional (and admittedly common sense for most), but there are a couple of other things that you can do that are a bit outside of the box to provide you with some pretty substantial cash saving benefits.

Schedule regular rubbish removal pickups

If you aren’t currently on a regular and routine schedule with your rubbish removal service, and instead are doing things on a more “on-call” basis, you’re probably spending a lot more money than you should be.

By establishing a routine schedule with one of these rubbish removal services you’ll be giving them a bit of confidence and security in knowing that they have a regular and routine customer, and they’ll reward you with substantial savings on the service provided.

Think about getting a skip bin

On the flipside, you might want to think about abandoning traditional rubbish removal services altogether and instead go with a local skip hire company service and pick up.
Skip bins are considerably larger than most rubbish bins (surprise, surprise), and even the mini ones can usually accommodate at least about two or three weeks’ worth of rubbish before it needs to be picked up.

This allows you to pack all of your rubbish into one of the bins over time, and then have a service, and pick up (and replace) your bin without you having to lift a single finger of your own.
Shop around (even without any intention of leaving)

Finally, you might want to think about shopping around for more attractively priced rubbish removal services – even if you have next to no intention of leaving the service that you’re currently working with. Just letting them know that your eyes are open to the marketplace will usually get you some pretty preferential rates.